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Walk With Haiti - WATER PROJECT

After the devastating earthquake hit Haiti in January 2010, cholera became a big problem as most people in Haiti use rainwater to drink, prepare food and wash clothes. In addition, many people were displaced and the population of Notre Dame de Lourdes grew to 12,000.

In 2011 Notre Dame de Lourdes asked St. Mark’s to help them build a water purification system in their parish grounds that will provide 3,000 gallons per day of potable water for the neighborhood.

The first phase ($3,975) was to construct a 10’x10’ building and the second phase ($13,025) involved adding a reverse osmosis water purification unit. In March 2013, the installation of the reverse osmosis equipment was completed and the first water was purified.

The pastor, Fr. Anicette, said: “The new Cistern will be a great comfort to the community. It can hold 16,000 gallons. We calculate selling it at a price which will make it very easy for everyone to drink clean water to avoid illness.”

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