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St. Pio Ministry of Vocations Chalice

"Behold, I am with you until the end of time." (Mark 28:20)

thumbnail_St Pio relic and chalice_LI 2.
St Pio Chalice touching St Vianney relic

The Church faces huge challenges with the dwindling numbers of priests and religious to serve God's people.

In 2011, St. John School children collected Pennies from Heaven to buy the vocations chalice. Since then, over 200 parish households have received it, as the Church struggles to increase the low number of priests and religious to serve God's people.  It is dedicated to Pope Saint John Paul II who inspired so many vocations. A devoted recipient recently donated the beautiful portrait of St. Padre Pio, our patron, to hang in the Marian sanctuary, in Thanksgiving for his intercession. 

The Chalice is, in fact, a third-class relic by touching the first-class relics of St. Pio’s blood-stained cloth and St. Jean Vianney’s incorrupt heart.  Photos are on the website respectively from his feast day Sept. 23, 2017, at St. Theresa in Trumbull CT and at Vocation Hour with Bishop Cote on Dec. 13, 2018, sponsored by the Knights of Columbus – Our Lady of Lourdes, Ledyard.

Families, friends, and individuals can pray separately or together in this Spiritual Work of Mercy.
Please consider becoming involved.  Our Church desperately needs more priestly vocations and it needs YOUR PRAYERS NOW.



Dear God, You generously blessed Your servant St. Pio with the gifts of the Spirit. You marked his
body with the five wounds of Christ Crucified, as a powerful witness to the saving Passion and
Death of Your Son. Endowed with the gift of discernment, St. Pio labored endlessly in the
confessional for the salvation of souls. With reverence and intense devotion in the celebration of
Mass, he invited countless men and women to a greater union with Jesus Christ in the Sacrament
of the Holy Eucharist.  Through the intercession of St. Pio, I confidently beseech You to grant
me the grace of (here state your petition). Amen. Glory be to the Father…(three times).

Contact Barbara DiBella (860) 227-1215 to schedule a convenient week for you to accept the chalice into your home.  A monthly carrier will call you on Wednesday prior to delivering the Chalice and prayer cards to your household on Saturday. You are welcome to invite friends to pray together with you during the week, before the carrier returns to take it to the next household.

Contact for more information:

Barbara DiBella

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