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Altar Serving

"I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, that he has made me his servant and judged me faithful." (1 Timothy 2:12) 



Altar Serving is a wonderful way to show an active commitment to our faith while performing a holy service and allows the server to assist in the celebration. Individuals are trained in one or two sessions (usually a total of 3-6 hours) and then they are servers in training for 5-6 Masses where they participate in all aspects of the Mass from an Altar Server's perspective.

Upon completion of the training, Servers are installed at a Mass.


By that time, the Altar Servers will:

  • Know the order of the Liturgy of the Mass.

  • Be able to anticipate each movement and need of the Celebrant.

  • Will be able to perform their duties with grace and reverence.

  • Any parishioner age 7-95 yrs. old can train to be an Altar Server, but must have made their First Holy Communion. 


The current Altar Serving schedule can be found here:








Contact for more information:

St. John: (860) 388-3787

Chairperson for St. John: June Getchius


St. Mark: (860) 399-9207

Chairperson for St. Mark: Rachel Higgins

St. Mark's Altar Serving Schedule
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